2-sided sticker

TiStick – is a replacement for the 2-sided sticker, previously made on transparent films.

Printing on the above-mentioned material is free from the disadvantages of a traditional sticker on a transparent foil, such as punching the print on the other side and a low degree of white.

The TiStick  can be printed on one or both sides with UV waterless offset printing.

It is ideal for the promotion of products placed on glass panes and display windows, where double-sided exposure of the advertisement is required.

TiStick – thanks to the perfectly opaque partition placed inside the material:

  • it is cheaper than traditional stickers printed on both sides of a transparent film
  • does not get darker in the sun
  • has a high degree of white on both sides
  • does not change Pantone colors (often used in trademark printing)
  • does not need a traditional screen-printing partition, which significantly reduces time and improves the quality of production.