Pet packagings

We are a manufacturer of PET, PVC, PP plastic packagings. Our packagings are characterized by maximum transparency of the material, so that the customer can see the packed product in detail. Additionally, used by us "soft bigs", PUR gluing and automatic bottom allows you to easily and quickly prepare the box for product packaging.

Packaging printed on pet clear 0.3, Color Logic printing, uv/w/ metallic inks, soft bigs for easy folding, PUR gluing

Packaging - wrappers, printed on PVC clear 0.3, UV varnish (W) made of polymer, PUR gluing

Packaging - multi-chamber envelopes, printed on PP 0.3 mm, PUR gluing

Package printed on PP 0.4, soft-touch varnish all over, PUR gluing

Packaging without overprint, PVC 0.3 mm, PUR gluing, ready to insert product label