Water coloring books

One of our specialties is the printing of "waterless coloring books" made with Waterless technology. Torro company is associated in WaterLess Printing Association - an association of producers showing concern for the protection and condition of the environment; we have the right to place its logo on products made with this technology.

The whole production cycle guarantees a child-safe product, starting with certified paints and ending with safe staples used in bookbinding.


We do two kinds of printing:


a) The image on the sheet is made up of the same black elements, and after the water is applied, colorful elements appear, surprising the children.

b) The image on the sheet is composed of colored elements, the colors are more saturated when water is applied and allow children to see what color is produced when colors are mixed, e.g. blue and yellow.


1. Authorial

2. Standard

3. Italian

4. Mixed


Technical Specification


1. Graphics must be simplified, usually vector.

2. Black can only occur in pure form of 100% K and there can not be
any color under it (overprint off).

3. The colors C, M, Y must be between 5% and 37% per color.

4. Using shadows within graphics is not recommended.

5. Outlines of graphics, characters, etc. are recommended to be prepared
with a fairly thick contour.

6. The method of saving files for printing in accordance with the requirements
of the Technical Specification of the printing house.