Self-adhesive materials

In the offer of our printing house, you will find materials for a variety of applications:

  • stickers to be placed outdoors, printed with appropriate inks to prevent rapid discoloration during exposure to sunlight,
  • stickers for repeated sticking and unsticking without loss of print quality and self-adhesive properties - F-stick type
  • stickers with a variety of adhesives:
    Duro (permanent general purpose adhesive)
    Non perm (lightly adherent)
    Extra duro (for difficult substrates and adverse conditions)
    with channel adhesives as well as glueless materials for smooth glass surfaces.

Our offset printing house offers 2 types of products: TiStick stickers - on a material that contains a light impermeable baffle, and stickers on clear adhesive film.
Both types of stickers we offer are devoid of the disadvantages of traditional 2-sided stickers, such as the piercing of the other side's print and a low degree of whiteness.

Electrostatics - (polypropylene biodegradable film) is an environmentally friendly material used as an advertising medium in the interiors of buildings. The special feature is the lack of glue, which has been replaced by electrostatic charges thanks to which it self-applies on such surfaces as glass, concrete, wood, plexiglass, walls and metal. Electrostatic stickers are now one of the most popular materials used as an advertising medium.