Lakierowanie Hybrydowe drip-off

Lakierowanie Hybrydowe drip-off

16 marca 2021

Hybrid varnishing as an exclusive option for refining prints or packaging is most often used on offset machines equipped with UV or HuV drying systems.

In this refinement process two layers are applied on top of each other - an undercoat and a matte or glossy uv varnish/ depending on the effect we want to achieve/.

The best visual effects are obtained by applying these two varnishes during one pass while printing the actual print run.

The advantage of drip-off varnishing over selective varnishing, e.g. silk-screen printing, is obtaining perfect fit even on very small elements, and the possibility of raster varnishing.

Thanks to varnishing techniques used by our company, we obtain very visually attractive products such as folders, leaflets or packaging.

Proposed effects:
glossy drip-off lacquer
matt drip-off varnish
varnish with large or small grain.

This technique is especially recommended for materials printed on all kinds of chalks and carbons refined with metallic foils.