Twoje opakowanie - Twój najlepszy sprzedawca

Twoje opakowanie - Twój najlepszy sprzedawca

6 kwiecień 2021

According to research, 80% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, 70% of which are impulsive / I like this I want to have/.

It is the packaging and its appearance that often determines the desire to purchase a particular product. Well-designed and well-made packaging, increases the value of the product contained in it in the eyes of the consumer, as a result, encourages the purchase by stimulating the sales process.

Packaging is the first tangible intermediary between the consumer and the product.

It acts on a number of senses, affects our emotions, smell, touch.

These impressions can provide you with packaging printed at Torro.

Thanks to cooperation with Schmid Rhyner we have introduced Touch& Feel technology, which makes it possible to achieve wonderful effects of convex UV varnish on selected elements, and all this is achieved in a single pass on our UV offset machine - Komori GL29- 6 colors+ 2 varnishing towers.

Another interesting solution that we have introduced in our company is packaging printed with 3d effect, embossing effect. The implementation work was carried out together with Merc and was a complete success, as confirmed by numerous orders from our customers from Poland and abroad.

Thanks to varnishing at the same time on two varnishing towers and selection of varnishes with appropriate suspension of metallic filings, we obtain interesting embossing effects without using embossing on flat surfaces.