Druk offsetowy UV - HUV

Druk offsetowy UV - HUV

30 kwiecień 2021

UV offset printing - learn about the benefits

UV offset printing is, according to most users, the most effective and appreciated printing method available on the market. This technology is a combination of high print quality, crisp colors and the ability to print on a variety of materials. Read this article and learn more.

Want to understand how UV offset printing works? Wondering what real benefits it can give you and whether it is the best choice in your case? To begin with, let's break down the concept of UV offset printing. What is offset printing and what is UV printing?

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Offset printing - how does it work?

Offset printing is a flat printing technique. The process involves transferring an image from a flat printing form (commonly called a "plate") to a printing substrate - this can be either paper from a roll or a sheet of paper from an intermediate cylinder. The image from the plate is transferred to the cylinder and from there it is transferred to the paper. It is precisely such a mechanism that makes the prints of high quality, and with a large volume print run also unbeatable price.

Note that it is worth knowing that this solution is best for those customers who place orders in large volumes. With a small print run, digital printing is more profitable, which offers prints of slightly less quality, but the execution is faster.

How large must the print run be to make it profitable to use offset printing? For each order, it's worth doing an individual quote to ascertain what will be most beneficial.

Some printing companies use the other common printing method - digital printing. Admittedly, technological advances have made it deliver high-quality results, but the main difference is in the price. For a small print run, digital printing is actually more cost-effective, but for a larger print run, offset printing is definitely cheaper.

UV printing - clarity, quality and durability

UV printing is one of the most modern printing technologies. It is associated with extremely high, "photographic" quality and allows printing on virtually any material. It is thanks to UV waves that the material becomes so highly resistant to mechanical damage and color fading. For example, UV printing will be a good choice if you plan to display prints outdoors, where the sun shines and it rains. The colors will be preserved. Of course, the material itself must be resistant (it can't be cardboard or other such "sensitive" material).

Some UV printers use liquid polymer inks, which are spread on the surface to be printed and fixed with UV light. This mechanism of operation is similar to a regular inkjet printer.

Combination of offset and UV - the best effect

Torro's UV printer uses offset technology combined with UV. That is, the ink is replaced by special inks transferred from one flat surface to another (as we described in the passage "offset printing - how it works"). Then special LED lamps emitting UV light fix the ink, creating a polymer layer that is resistant to mechanical damage and color fading. It is thanks to UV rays that printing is possible on almost any material.

What advantages does UV offset printing offer?

Perfectly reflects the details of designs and colors,
Can be printed on a variety of surfaces (uv printing on paper, uv printing on cardboard, uv printing on foil, uv printing on pvc, uv printing on glass, uv printing on wood, etc.),
During printing, no harmful substances are emitted that could endanger health,
It is resistant to atmospheric conditions such as sun, water or wind (so such prints can be used outdoors),
Works well in large-format printing (banners, boards) and on small surfaces (brochures, flyers),
Gives the ability to print on irregularly shaped objects,
Gives the ability to print with white ink.

If you are in the advertising business, UV offset printing will be perfect for you! Torro UV printing house can accept orders for large-format prints as well as smaller ones.  Our customers print materials for trade fairs, arrangements, exhibitions, catalogs and much more.

Waterless UV offset printing

At Torro, we maintain the highest quality by using waterless UV offset printing. Our production is based on environmentally friendly Waterless technology. Thanks to this, in addition to the highest quality standards, we are also environmentally friendly (eco printing Warsaw), which is of great importance nowadays.

In practice, waterless offset printing produces the desired results that satisfy the most demanding customers. Write or call us and find out more.