Druk opakowań, czyli jakie opakowania najlepiej się sprzedają?

Packaging printing, or what kind of packaging sells best?

Are you planning to wrap a gift? A shipment? A product for sale? Are you interested in exclusive packaging or standard cardboard packaging? On the web you will find countless companies that do packaging printing. Read this article and find out what are the trends in the packaging market and how to choose the right packaging for your needs.

Good packaging can make a customer decide to buy a product. It will encourage the customer to buy again. Nowadays, it is undoubtedly of great importance what the product will be packaged in. Will it be a nice, original box with protective filling inside, or will the product be carelessly wrapped in newspaper and sealed with ordinary tape. Printing on packaging is an ocean of possibilities, and Torro Printing House provides the perfect tool to realize your ideas.

Trends in the world of packaging

Studies show that the role of packaging is increasing every year, with customers paying more and more attention to its shape, material, function and many other seemingly less significant aspects. Seemingly, because sometimes a small change can lead to a significant improvement - be it the sales result of products, the recipient's reaction to the packaging, or the safety of the shipment.

One strong new trend is eco-friendly packaging. In addition to the eco-friendly material itself, printing with eco-friendly methods (in terms of production technology) is also increasingly in demand. Not every Warsaw printing house such as Torro has an eco-printing offer confirmed by the required certificates, this is an inevitable trend and ordinary market need. 

In addition to ecology in packaging printing, there are other contemporary trends. Worth mentioning, among others:

Designs - customers very often want individual, specifically assigned creations to be included on packaging. For companies, individualized designs give great sales results. They also work well in terms of creating brand awareness and building brand affinity.
Matte finishes - very often exclusive packaging comes to mind. In fact, the premium packaging manufacturer often uses this style of packaging coating. To the touch, they are soft and pleasant, and visually give the impression of elegant, refined.
Unboxing, or celebrating the opening of the contents. As we mentioned at the beginning, good packaging can do wonders. More than once we have heard a customer praise a product even before he or she has taken it out of the packaging - a nice, unconventional box. We call this phenomenon "packvertising" in other words, packaging as advertising and marketing.
Pandemic safe - business owners began to stick information on packaging that the contents were packaged hygienically and safely. And customers appreciated it.

What packaging material to choose?

The material of the packaging is one of the most important elements. Transparent printed packaging will suit one product, another product should be packaged in exclusive packaging. It all depends on the specifics of the product.

Among the most popular packaging materials are:

corrugated cardboard boxes - the most widespread model, gives a lot of possibilities. Three-layer cardboard protects the contents, is lightweight and easily accepts printing. 
cardboard boxes - a simple and elegant solution, best suited for stationary sales, such as packaging for cosmetics or packaging for medicines.
bulk packaging - reinforced construction and large capacity are their domains. Ideal for shipping large quantities of products (it is worthwhile to protect them additionally, for example, with bubble wrap).
foil packs - they protect well against moisture, but are poorly resistant to mechanical damage. 
printed envelopes - ideal for companies that send documents and want them packed in envelopes with the logo and graphics of that company.
paper bags - from an ecological point of view, a great solution. Paper bags have become fashionable in recent times. Unfortunately, they are not suitable as packaging for shipping, but you can put product in them in stationary stores, such as shoes.

Premium packaging manufacturer - for companies and more

The role of packaging in business has grown to enormous proportions. There is a reason why brands such as Apple, Zalando and many others allocate high budgets to precisely design and create unique boxes for their products. Premium brands in particular should focus on proper packaging of their product.

First of all, the packaging should make a good first impression. This will determine how the product will be perceived. Secondly, a brand shows its identity to the customer through its packaging. Even in the first contact of the customer with the physical product, he knows that he is dealing specifically with this brand. Third, the packaging should be an added value. The customer should celebrate the opening.

Not every product needs this, but it is always worth considering: "Will packaging my products in a nice, branded package that allows the customer to celebrate opening make it more likely that they will have a good opinion, buy again and further recommend the company to their friends?" If so, it's worth thinking about the issue of appropriate product packaging.